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3 November 2020 - 4 November 2020
Retaissance Live

Retaissance Live Conference

Retaissance Live will consist of keynotes presentations and insightful panel discussions on a variety of topics. They will be run in parallel of the Meet The Buyer event. You can access the full agenda here

Please note that you cannot register to attend a Meet the Buyer slot and a Webinar slot happening at the same time. Timing of the webinar and appointments are displayed in your local time.

"Overcome challenges" stage:
A series of presentation and panel discussion examining the challenges faced by European brands and retailers in the jewellery, footwear, gift, beauty and clothing industries due the global pandemic as well as political events like the new commercial partnership between the UK and the EU. They will also present opportunities available to brand and retailers to embrace new technologies to support, acquire and nurture customers as well as improve their bottom line.

"Keep up with trends" stage
During the lockdown, customers’ behaviours and needs changed. Retailers and brands across Europe had to adapt. What is the current situation now that the economies are reopening? How are customers now purchasing? How can businesses thrive in localised lockdowns due to a 2nd wave? What will Christmas 2020 and Valentine’s Day 21 look like?

"Embrace new opportunities" stage
The global pandemic and national lockdowns have made customers think more about our society, consumer habits and its potential negative effects. Consumers have turned increasingly towards brands that they believe meet their needs and share their values. How have brands rallied millions of customers behind their belief? How have retailers increased their brand loyalty? Will this emerging trend towards sustainability remain?

Please note: At the time of registration, Retaissance Live provided the most recent schedule information available and the attendee and/or speaker accept that the content and/or the delivery of the event can change beyond the control of Retaissance Live. Retaissance Live will not take any responsibility for any errors, omissions and changes to the program or content of the event.


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